Hiring Rates 2019:

Bert Stratton Lounge                                                                               £ 12.25/hr

Patrick Moore Room                                                                                £ 16.30/hr

Gloucester Hall                                                                                          £ 23.45/hr

Kitchen                                                                                                       details on request

Stage                                                                                                            details on request

Whole Complex                                                                                          £ 61.70/hr

Whole Complex per week-end day                                                       £930.50

Bert Stratton Lounge (6m x 6m):

Our smallest room, the Bert Stratton Lounge is ideal for small meetings, training sessions, coffee mornings, small exercise classes and smaller gatherings.

It is a carpeted room, with access to a self-contained kitchen/refreshment bar. This is equipped with a fridge, microwave, kettle, urn, and washing facilities.

The room can comfortably accommodate 20 -30 people, depending on how it is laid out.

Patrick Moore Room (9m x 9m):

The Patrick Moore Room is our middle-sized room, which has access to the garden, equipped with artificial turf and wooden play equipment. It is ideal for parties, meetings, exercise classes, music rehearsals, and many other occasions.

It has a sealed wooden floor, and floor to ceiling blinds. There is also a drop-down screen available. There is hatch access to both the main kitchen and the refreshment bar.

Seating capacity for this room is between 60-80 people, depending on layout.

Gloucester Hall (18m x 9m):

The Gloucester Hall is the largest hall, with a stage. It is suitable for classes, meetings, receptions, dances, parties, sports activities, drama productions and much more.

It has sealed wooden floors, and badminton court marked out. It has flush wall surfaces to conform to Sport Council multi-sport use. The stage is 9m x 5m (not included in room dimensions above). There is a large drop down screen over the stage, available on request.

Seating capacity is 120 with tables, and 160 theatre style.