Village history

Colden Common became an independent civil parish in 1932. Originally famous as a brick-making area, many of the roads in the village are names after brick-making terms.

The Community Centre was opened in 1991 by The Duchess of Gloucester. It was funded by developers’ contributions by the builder of the St Vigor Way development and many local fund raising events. It is owned by the Parish Council and is leased to Colden Common Community Association. The Community Centre is managed by the Trustees of the Community Association.

The clock on the roof of the Community Centre was funded by a donation from local resident, Paul Nicholson, in recognition of the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Community Centre.

In addition to many public footpaths and bridleways, the village has a wide range of open spaces for sports and recreation activities, including:

The Green is an open space adjacent to the Community Centre car park, which has a variety of activity equipment, including a skate-boarding park, children’s play area and outdoor gym.

Church Pond is a working balancing pond owned by the Parish Council and was designed to stop flooding of the surrounding houses when the water rises after heavy rains. To the north of this pond is a ‘dry pond’ and woodland.

The Recreation Ground on Main Road is also owned by the Parish Council and the Recreation Ground Charity. It is managed by the Parish Council and its tennis courts and football patches are well-used by local residents, as the child play area.

Colden Common Park was purchased by the Parish Council in 1996 as a sports and open space amenity area. It has a play area, football pitches and bowling green, as well as a cricket square and nets.